KAREN SAMSON: Paintings & Fiber art

BOB SAMSON:  Stained glass art

What better way to capture the brilliance of the indomitable Tucson sun

than by transmitting it through colored glass?  Working with my wife Karen,

I "translate" her design patterns into stained glass art.  We collaborate on the colors, and I do the crafting of the piece alone.  We are currently intrigued with the idea of translating well known artists' renditions into stained glass.  I call these my Artists' Works Revisited series.


Creating art has always been my passion.   Living in the Southwest, I am heavily influenced by the local color, continuous sunshine, and the abundance of very talented fellow artists. 

A lover of color, my paintings celebrate a "palette of all seasons."  The whimsy of combining acrylic, inks, and various fibers add to the uniqueness of my creations.